About me

A big hi to all. I am Jaya, very happy to join you all today for the first time.
I will not take much time to introduce myself 😁

I am a Grade 9 student. I love to write. My sister is my inspiration. She stands by my side in every step of my life. She is the reason why I am here.

So, we all love to dance, watch movies, but my story is a bit different. My interest area is different.

I love computers, tech savvy stuff & I try to relate myself more and more to computers.I like to spend hours with them.I am really curious about them.But the theme of my blog is something else.

We all know that women related crimes are rising day by day. They start right from their birth and continue lifelong. It all start with female foeticide, then child abuse, child marriage, domestic violence, dowry harassment, rapes, acid attacks and the list goes on. I will touch these sensitive topics through my blogs. All I need is your support. The theme of my blog (thesilentmurders) , SHE NEEDS JUSTICE revolves around women issues. I will share problems that concern women globally with a special focus on my country, India. It is how a woman is silently killed throughout her life with all the abuse she faces. So, she needs justice. Let’s make 21st century, our century. The century of women.

let’s stand for ourselves

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